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“Scotland and back from Norfolk with no trouble at all. highly recommend product.”Martin Newman

Car Boot Racks - Have Evolved!

Welcome to latest in car boot rack systems. The low cost alternative to a chrome / stainless steel boot rack. This highly compatible and affordable system adds from 50 litres (original) - 75 litres (vacation model) of hassle-free storage to your convertible. It's a rucksack for cars.

The boot racks system now comes in four great designs: original, vacation and elise.

Advantages Of This BootRack System

Great Value


This boot rack costs often less than half the price of traditional luggage rack systems offering the same storage capacity.

No Metal Fixings

No metal fixings

Unlike some traditional boot racks, this system ensures that no metal comes into contact with your paintwork. The only material that comes into contact with you boot is the straps and anti slip mat - meaning no paint chips!



If you've ever travelled over 30mph with luggage in a bin liner strapped to your boot rack then you know why a silent alternative is a definite advantage!


waterproof storage

This waterproof boot rack luggage holder is made from PVC coated nylon and is 100% waterproof. The zip is covered by a generous flap to ensure no water gets through.

Fits Most Convertibles

Compatible with most convertibles

Owing to the simple design of this boot rack you'll find it's compatible with most convertibles. If you have more than one convertible then this will transfer and still fit! It will also more than likely fit your next convertible too!

Easy to Store

Easy to store

When the rack is not in use the mat, straps and even bag can be easily folded away and stored. Unlike the traditional rack which either gets left on or rattles away in the boot!

Bootrack Range

Meet the family - we have a range of racks available...

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