Boot Rack Installation Without The Fuss?

Step 1

The first stage is to lay out the straps as shown then shut the boot.

Installation Step 1

Step 2

Lay the protective anti slip matting on on top of your boot, place this towards the rear of the boot lid.

Installation Step 2

Step 3

place the boot-bag on the matting, with the zip at the back of the boot, so its not facing into the wind. Pull the straps through the, laderlock buckles and ensure they are tight, we recommend that you check the straps are still tight after 5 miles as the contents will settle in the bag.

Installation Step 4

Please Note!

Its critical that the straps are attached as shown, the strap should be threaded up away from the boot-bag via the wider slot towards the front of the buckle, thread the same end back towards the boot-bag through the narrower opening and pull tight.

Installation Step 5

Installation Complete!

That's it, you're are ready to go!

In most cases you can open the car's boot with the boot-bag still attached.

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